bald漢語(繁體)翻譯:劍橋詞典 – bald翻譯:禿頭的, 禿頭的, 簡單的, 簡單的;不加贅述的;不加詳述的, 光滑的;磨平的。了解更多。

bald: 1 adj lacking hair on all or most of the scalp “a bald pate” “a bald -headed gentleman” Synonyms: bald-headed , bald-pated hairless having no hair or fur adj without the natural or usual covering “a bald spot on the lawn” Synonyms: denudate , denuded bare lacking its natural or customary covering adj with no effort to conceal Synonyms.

Baldi is the titular character of the Baldi’s Basics series. He is the head teacher of the Schoolhouse and Super Schoolhouse, giving the Player math problems in the You Can Think Pad or Math Machine to solve in notebooks before they can collect them. As the whole game is not what it first seems, a twist reveals that he is the active main antagonist angered when a single mistake by the Player.

bald adj 1: with no effort to conceal; "a barefaced lie" [syn: , ] 2: lacking hair on all or most of the scalp; "a bald pate"; "a bald-headed gentleman" [syn: , {bald-headed}, {bald- pated}] 3: without the natural or usual covering; "a bald spot on the lawn"; "bare hills" [syn: , , ] v 1: grow bald.

Bald and Bankrupt Wiki | Fandom – Bald and Bankrupt. The "Bald and Bankrupt" Logo. bald and bankrupt is the YouTube channel of travel vlogger, Mr. Bald from the United Kingdom. Mr. Bald shot to YouTube fame during mid-2018, first appearing on the YouTube vlogs of his co-traveler, Harald Baldr, and subsequently, on his own channel.His vlogs are notable for their minimal editing, negligible background music and the total.

24.7.2014  · Directed by Felipe Torres Urso. With Thure Lindhardt, Camilla Belle, Clint Howard, Miguel Ferrer. Geoffrey Bunyon used to be happy. Now he is miserable.

bald翻譯:禿頭的, 禿頭的, 簡單的, 簡單的;不加贅述的;不加詳述的, 光滑的;磨平的。了解更多。

Very bald indeed. The coot is a black waterbird whose white bill extends up to the forehead, making it appear to be bald. Indeed, this bird was already being called a balled cote in the thirteenth century.The later simile, to a billiard ball, has been less recorded, but since billiards was already popular in Shakespeare’s day it cannot be of very recent origin.

Some bald with beard looks are tough and intimidating; some are urbane and stylish. Being clear about what sort of message you want to send with your look and whether or not it matches your personality, voice, and the rest. Here are a few personality ‘archetypes’, and examples of the best bald with beard looks to match them: The intellectual

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When your face is so good looking it is taking over the rest of your head.

Karjalaisen Sää Iskeä Englanniksi TIetääkö kukaan jotain sanaa jota voidaan käyttää kuvaamaan sanaa iskeä, naisen iskemisen merkityksessä. Pitäs laittaa kappaleen sanoituksiin. Opus K Chiquitita Chiquitita, tell me what’s wrong You’re enchained by your own sorrow In your eyes There is no hope for tomorrow How I hate to see you like this There is no way you